Which is the best academy for IAS, IPS and IRS in Pune Mumbai?

This boy cleared in his first attempt, at age of 21, he was mentored by Santosh Rokade sir, a officer in State government.

What is your image of a coaching class in Pune,or Mumbai?
isn't it a image of 100–200 students threshed in a class
Teachers who havent even clared any exam,come and speak bla bla and go away- no time for him/her to meet you personally -forget if you are looking for a mentor
whenever you go to any class, espeically in pune mumbai, ask Results, and do verify with ur our genuine results,
notes, which are too much irrelevant in today's exam pattern.
no guarantee of any study plan, schedule…
so to overcome such problems, Santosh Roakde sir and some officers and academicians have come together to guide sincere students where-in Sankalp IAS Forum,Pune- with just 15–20 students class strength- you must be here to be the best
  • Personalized feedback- One-to-One will be the Focal point:
  • they will help and make and also monitor your studies and as a mentor-friend will never allow you to slip back in depression or frustration that may come in-spite of loads of material and friends online.
  • many tests + Answers writing with personalized feedback with solving past 10 years papers.
  • Total hand-holding and mentoring on Completion of syllabus and revisions.
  • Guidance on reading materials and also making available consolidated materials.
  • Preparing on candidates for Prelims, Mains and Personality tests-Interviews of 2019.
For details be in touch, ultimately only personal guidance from a officer matters, and its here , in Sankalp IAS Forum, Pune Mumbai